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January 8, 2001

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New literature


Miniature precision and instrument ball bearings, with a size range from 0.1181- to 1-inch OD, can be found in typical medical applications such as IV pumps, surgical drills and saws, dental hand pieces, and blood analyzers. These miniature bearings are available with crown or ribbon retainers, shields, and seals. The catalog contains inch and metric information as well as lubrication, pre-loading, and assembly and fitting procedures.

NMB Technologies, 9730 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311; FAX (818) 709-0387;

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Medical metals

A data sheet provides guidelines for selecting stainless steel for various stamped parts in staple guns, endoscopic suturing and cutting devices, and other minimally invasive surgical instruments. Also covered are applications of titanium and titanium alloys in pacemakers, hip replacement parts, and other implant devices. Forms covered include strip, wire, bar, plate and near-net shapes produced via water-jet cutting.

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, 57 Dodge Ave., North Haven, CT 06473-1191; FAX (203) 239-7479;

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Lead and ball screws come with finished, unfinished, or custom journal ends. Lead-screw sizes range from 1 to 50 mm with a minimum pitch starting from 0.1 mm. Ball-screw sizes range from 4 to 16 mm with various leads to choose from. The catalog notes that screws are industrially tested and offered in packages that form complete systems.

Specialty Motions, 22343 La Palma Ave., Ste. 112, Yorba Linda, CA 92887

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Power conversion

External power supply products and services for communications, networking, and medical equipment are covered in this catalog. Featured products include linear power supplies in regulated and unregulated models, low-profile universal input switches rated up to a reported 90W, and chargers for lead acid, NiCad, NiMh, and lithium ion batteries.

Ault Inc., 7105 Northland Terrace, Minneapolis, MN 55428-1534; FAX (763) 592-1911;

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Water recirculators

Water recirculators for general-purpose cooling applications meter temperature, pressure, and flow, and feature interlocks for overtemperature and reservoir level low. A data sheet describes these units and their options, which include deionization packages, choice of pumps, and an early-warning low-level alarm.

Bay Voltex Corp., 174 Lawrence Dr. Suite J, Livermore, CA 94550; FAX (925) 606-6297;

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Designed to supply temporary electrical power distribution for entertainment applications, a line of single-pole connectors is detailed in this brochure. The NEMA 3R-rated devices are available in cable sizes 4 AWG to 4/0, rated for 600V up to 400A continuous, and UL listed and CSA certified.

Hubbell Inc., 185 Plains Rd., Milford, CT 06460; FAX (800) 255-1031;

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SABRE rolled-steel ac motors incorporate 3 to 30 hp in NEMA frame sizes from 182 to 286T, with 3,600, 1,800, or 1,200 rpm. ODP foot-mounted motors are available with standard or C-face mountings. TEFC foot-mounted motors are offered with or without C-face mounts. The brochure details these motors and footless C-face configurations.

Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders Ct., Greenville, SC 29615; FAX (216) 738-3817; www.rockwell

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Dispensing systems

This fluid-dispensing system selection brochure describes the manufacturer's dispensing systems. Products include the 700 series system for microelectronic applications, 400 series for general dispensing, an automated XYZ gantry table and valve system, and technical container systems for advanced packaging. The publication also details carbon-free dispensing barrels and components that control ESD and help block UV radiation.

Techcon Systems Inc., 12151 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841; FAX (714) 799-6804;

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Compressor components

Arlon(R)and Torlon(R)non-metallic labyrinth seals can replace aluminum or bronze seals, and reportedly don't require shaft regrinding or replacement. A pamphlet details these seals as well as O-rings that are explosive-decompression and chemical resistant. O-rings are noted for sealing well in harsh environments at a range of temperatures from -20 to 615F. The document describes the physical properties of labyrinth-seal materials and also notes typical services by material type.

Greene, Tweed & Co, Box 305, Kulpsville, PA 19443; FAX (215) 256-0189;

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Ideal for metal and fiberglass vessels including columns, pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipes, and pipe fittings, custom Teflon(R)linings are manufactured using a fusion welding process that results in a smooth, non-stick surface finish. Available in PTFE, PFA, and EFP, the linings come in thicknesses ranging from 0.060 to 0.250 inch. A technical bulletin includes product features and benefits, performance charts, service guidelines, and substrate preparation instructions. Dual-laminate and laminated knit-glass fabrics are also offered.

Edlon-PSI, Box 667, Avondale, PA 18644; FAX (610) 268-8898.

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ACRYLITE PLUS(R)impact acrylic molding and extrusion compounds are designed to provide enhanced impact resistance, toughness, and chemical resistance without sacrificing clarity. This compound resists the adverse effects of outdoor weathering and will retain both its physical properties and appearance after long periods of outdoor exposure. A pocket guide highlights this material as well as four other molding and extrusion compounds. The pamphlet also includes grade descriptions, physical properties, and processing conditions for injection molding, extrusion, and thermoforming when applicable.

Cyro Industries, 100 Enterprise Dr., Rockaway, NJ 07866-5055; FAX (973) 442-6117;

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Constant-tension band clamps are produced from 1074 carbon steel, as opposed to 6150 chrome-vanadium steel. SAE 1074 can prove less costly to produce, but yields high average hardness without risk of untempered martensite in its structure. A directory offers data on a wide variety of hose clamps, such as single-wire, double-wire, constant-tension band, and pre-opened, pre-positioned band clamps. The literature also presents test results comparing 1074 and 6150 CTB clamps under radial force testing.

Rotor Clamp, 187 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ 08875; FAX 732-469-7333.

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The PIC18CXXX's architecture targets 8- and 16-bit microcontroller applications. It is an enhanced RISC core that is upward compatible from the company's MidRange PIC12C6XX and PIC16CXXX core and High-End PICI7CXXX core, providing a seamless migration path of software code. The PIC18CXXX's architecture offers up to two million bytes of program memory address space, a C-compiler-friendly development environment, and 10 MIPS performance at 40MHz. The Analog/Interface Handbook 2000 compiles application notes and datasheets on this device as well as many other stand-alone analog and interface devices.

Microchip Technology Inc., 2355 W Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85224-6199; FAX (480) 899-9210;

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This self-compensating hose clamp catalog features single wire, double wire, constant tension band, and pre-opened, pre-positioned band clamps. It also lists installation tools available, testing information, and provides a joint design guide for successful hose/joint connections. Discussed are the benefits of SAE 1074 carbon steel over 6150 carbon steel often used on constant-tension band clamps.

Rotor Clamp, 187 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ 08875; FAX 732-469-7333.

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Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber components present high biocompatibility and exceptional stability over a wide range of temperatures. A new white paper, Silicone Rubber: Material Benefits and Fabrication Advantages, pinpoints fabrication processes including silicone molding, advanced liquid injection molding (LIM), extrusion, and assembly. An extensive listing of applications and a comparison of silicone rubber with other elastomers, from latex to TPEs, are also presented. The white paper highlights evaluation of silicone fabricators, as well.

Vesta Inc., 5400 W. Franklin Dr., Franklin, WI 53132; FAX (414) 423-0562;

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Motion controller

This high-performance, multi-axis motion controller is for use in applications that require close coordination of multiple servo axes, I/O, and auxiliary equipment. The unit is powerful enough to execute all of the real-time control functions required in OEM equipment, potentially eliminating the need for additional control devices such as a PLC. A CD-ROM contains specifications and CAD drawings for this product as well as drives and other motion control devices. A special configuration diagram feature of the CD assists the user in selecting available options and other accessories.

Industrial Indexing Systems, 626 Fishers Run, Victor, NY 14564; FAX (716) 924-2169;

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Starting device

A device that quickly starts cold-cathode sensors reduces starting times at 10- 10 Torr from over eight hours to four or five minutes. This starting device releases photons into the cold-cathode sensor, starting and maintaining the ionization process. This allows for constant pressure measurement. A single-sheet brochure includes a technical description, specifications, and prices.

MKS Instruments, 5330 Sterling Dr., Boulder, CO 80301; FAX (303) 442-6880;

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Servo drives

With 400 Hz, the PC 832 series servo drive offers high velocity-loop bandwidth. This enables faster drive setup and tuning, and allows the drive to settle into position more quickly. It is available at 2.7A rms continuous and 5.3A rms peak output power, and when paired with the company's PMA and S-series motors provides a range of 0.50Nm at 6,050 rpm to 4.9Nm at 1,300 rpm. This selection guide supplies detailed features and benefits, technical information, connection diagrams, and specifications and performance curves for various drives and motors.

Pacific Scientific, Box 106, Rockford, IL 61105-0106; FAX (815) 226-3080;

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Electro-optic sensors for point liquid level and control applications feature solid-state designs to ensure reliability and long service life. Integrated electronics also eliminate the need for a separate controller. Sensors are designed to operate in virtually any liquid regardless of specific gravity, conductivity, dielectric constant, or foaming. The literature includes an economical general-purpose series for moderate temperature and pressure requirements, Teflon(R)units with a vapor barrier boot for pure liquids and aggressive chemicals, Isoplast(R)models designed to handle temperatures to 212F, and high-performance units for pressurized vessels to 2,500 psi.

Gems Sensors, 1 Cowles Rd., Plainville, CT 06062-1198; FAX (860) 747-4244;

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Hose crimpers

Hose crimping machines come in bench-mounted, floor-mounted, and portable models. The machines crimp a variety of hose types from 1/4 inch through 2 inches in diameter. The Parkalign(TM)feature self-positions the fittings in the dies with high accuracy. The brochure includes photos and applications as well as information on portable pumps.

Parker Hannifin Corp., 30240 Lakeland Blvd., Wickliffe, OH 44092; FAX (440) 943-3129;

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Self-clinching standoff fasteners, including new Types SO4 and BSO4 thru-hole and blind-threaded standoffs, are intended for installation into stainless steel sheets as thin as 0.04 inch. All self-clinching standoff models install permanently in thin metal sheets and will enable components to be stacked or spaced in an assembly. This literature illustrates standoffs for thin stainless, thru-hole and unthreaded standoffs, and blind-threaded standoffs. All are available in aluminum or a variety of steels.

Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp., Box 1000, Danboro, PA 18916; FAX (215) 766-0143;

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Electrical safety

The Operators Guide to Electrical Product Safety Testing, now in its 9th printing, covers in detail why and how safety tests should be performed, proper setup of testing areas, operator safety, establishing testing procedures, as well as the pros and cons of various safety tests. Discussed are the 5 most commonly performed electrical safety tests: Ground Bond (continuity), AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Line Leakage tests.

Associated Research Inc., 13860 West Laurel Dr., Lake Forest, IL 60045-4546; FAX (847) 367-4080.

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Unground bearings utilize raceways that are typically machined from softer, fast-machining steels and are not through-hardened. Instead, these bearings are case-hardened at various depths depending on usage requirements. Although the bearings have lower speed and load-carrying capacities than precision bearings, they offer a cost-effective alternative for many applications. A datasheet shows ball complement and raceway configuration and explains contaminant protection

Oconomowoc Mfg. Corp., Box 436, Oconomowoc, WI 53066; FAX (262) 567-0389;

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A heavy-duty anchor handles wedge, sleeve, or concrete screw anchoring applications in virtually all base materials. No hole spotting or layout is required and fixtures can be loaded immediately, which offers a time-saving advantage. The Wedge-Bolt(TM)anchor is also removable and can be reused several times. A foldout pamphlet contains several performance data charts, installation specifications, and a complete listing of sizes and load capacities for the anchor which can be installed closer to edges.

Powers Fasteners Inc., 2 Powers Sq., New Rochelle, NY 10801;

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Check valve

A flow-actuated check valve built into an ISO-KF centering ring automatically throttles the roughing pump during initial system evacuation. This minimizes turbulence and pressure differentials in vacuum systems during pump down. By minimizing these factors, products are not damaged by contaminants or broken by pressure changes. The valve prevents foaming of potting compounds, and protects against filter rupture in vacuum glove boxes. The one-page specification sheet discusses applications, specifications, operating principles, dimensions, and pricing.

MKS Instruments, 5330 Sterling Dr., Boulder, CO 80301; FAX (303) 442-6880;

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Power module

Laser diode power module provides a power-factor corrected input, universal input voltage, and input and output filtering. The system is designed to drive 20, 40, or 100W CW/QCW diode bars. A directory features capacitor charging power supplies, simmer supplies, Pockels' cell drivers, OW arc lamp drivers, pulsed flashlamp drivers, and high-power laser diode drivers. Products are available in a variety of packages, from OEM modules to stand-alone, turn-key systems.

Analog Modules Inc., 126 Baywood Ave., Longwood, FL 32750; FAX (407) 834-3806;

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This company's thermoformed and roto-molded plastic cases are segregated into three product lines. The Mobile Warrior series is a double-entry, 19-inch, rack-mountable case available in sizes from 4 to 15U. The Style-Lite cases are carrying/instrument models available in 13 sizes. The Transitainer line consists of shipping and transit cases with over 50 sizes to choose from. This booklet illustrates the product lines and provides weight capacities and potential applications.

APW Zero Cases, 500 West 200 North, North Salt Lake, UT 84054; FAX (801) 292-9450;

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Welding system

This inverter-based welding system provides precise control of the electrode current during the entire welding cycle. It has multi-process capabilities for stick, arc gouging, subarc, and wire. The power source offers precise control of the waveform output for reduced arc spatter, reduced fumes, and smooth welding performance. The power source is capable of running basic CV to high-performance pulse and SIT programs. A catalog charts the system in detail including its wire drive system and overall flexibility. Accessories to enhance the system's performance are also offered.

Lincoln Electric, 22801 Saint Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44117-1199;

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Useful for equipment panels where mounting hardware is subject to loss, these captive screws and retainers are designed to assure easy and secure assembly. There are five styles of captive panel screws and seven swaged retainer types. Specifiers can choose variations such as slotted, unslotted, or hex heads, washers for oval head styles, plus retainer spring and washer sets. This printed listing describes the screws' available dimensions and finishes, and it also includes information on the company's standoffs, spacers, handles, and jack screws.

RAF Electronic Hardware, 95 Silvermine Rd., Seymour, CT 06483; FAX (203) 888-9860;

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Gasket installation

The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) and European Sealing Association (ESA) have released a gasket installation procedures booklet. The 12-page booklet contains step-by-step instructions for the safe and effective completion of gasket installation and assembly of bolted flange connections. Subjects covered include required tools, surface cleaning and preparation, flange alignment, gasket installation, lubrication of load bearing surfaces, bolt installation, and retightening.

Fluid Sealing Assoc., 994 Old Eagle School Road #1019, Wayne, PA 19087

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Power transmission

This 36-page catalog provides brief descriptions and specifications for the full range of EPT power transmission products. Discussed are three major product groups: bearings, drives, and components and gearing products. In most cases, size and size-range information is provided. Brands outlined in the catalog include Morse(R), Browning(R), US Gearmotors(TM), SEALMASTER(R), McGill(R), Rollway(R), KOPFLEX(R), and Van Gorp(R).

Emerson Power Transmission, Box 687, Maysville, KY 41056; FAX (606) 564-2239;

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This company's micro-pitch 0.4-, 0.5-, 0.8-, and 2-mm interconnects incorporate matched impedance for enhanced signal integrity. These interconnects have optimized contact resistance, crosstalk, capacitance, and inductance, and they can be customized by specifying the location of ground planes. The guidebook covers new interconnect designs including edge-mount for perpendicular- and horizontal-board mating, differential pairs, and miniature coax cable terminations.

Samtec Inc., 520 Park E. Blvd., New Albany, IN 47151-1147; FAX (812) 948-5047;

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Second generation sealed batteries for Class I lift trucks utilize a unique cell design. Battery cells have been engineered to operate in a horizontal configuration, that allows a full 80% depth-of-discharge and efficient, reliable recharge times. The booklet details this feature along with the batteries' patented MFX grid/alloy design that also assists deep discharges and ensures extended cycle life, as well as longer run times.

GNB Technologies, Electric Vehicle Div. 829 Parkview Blvd., Lombard, IL 60148-3249; FAX (630) 691-7869;

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Silicone compounds

Silicone offers strength, hardness, elasticity, thermal and chemical stability, radiation resistance, and bio-compatibility. Creative Partners in a Material World summarizes silicone's many uses, from sealants to implants. It also details a range of products including dispersions, gels, adhesives, sealants, coatings, resins, fluids, fluorosilicones, high-consistency and electrically conductive elastomers, liquid silicone rubbers, and controlled-velocity materials.

NuSil Technology, 1050 Cindy Lane, Carpinteria, CA 93013; FAX (805) 566-9905;

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Microelectronic package

Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF)(TM)combines patterned, copper-plated images with air-fireable thick films on ceramics for the manufacture of metalized substrates, chip carriers, and packages. The features of PCTF include thick plated copper (0.001 to 0.010 inch), fine thick film lines (0.002 inch), and copper-plated through holes and castellations. This catalog describes compatible assembly methods, typical examples of packaging solutions, and general design guidelines.

Remtec, Inc., 100 Morse St., Norwood, MA 02062; FAX (781) 762-9977;

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