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Mobile Pick-and-Place Cobot Serves Wine-of-the-Month Club

This solution helps ramp-up subscription services for selections of bottles and other rigid containers.

Bob Sperber

May 28, 2021

To serve wine and other packagers in the growing subscription-based wine (or other beverage) market, Bransom Tech Services (BTS)  mated its Mobile Robot Tender with a Kawasaki Robotics collaborative robot (cobot). This example from a quarterly wine club demonstrates how once the robot is wheeled into place, it picks bottles from multiple cases and re-loads them as required for the varying wine selections.

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Bob Sperber

Editor, Branded Content, Informa Markets - Engineering

Bob Sperber is a writer and editor covering topics in packaging, manufacturing, and digital transformation since 1987. Reach him at [email protected] or 773-669-6529.

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