MetricTest's Advantest U3700 Series with NEW option 010 Spectrum Analzyer up to 43 GHz

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April 10, 2010

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MetricTest's Advantest U3700 Series with NEW option 010 Spectrum Analzyer up to 43 GHz

The Advantest U3700 Series with NEW option 010 is the first two-channelRF/microwave spectrum analyzer up to 43GHz (Ka Band) with two independent RFinputs in the world. At 14 lb with anoptional battery, it is lightweight, portable and ideal for field use. Its all-digital architecture contributes toits affordable price (starting at $14,140) and lower maintenance cost andcompact form factor. It offers timedomain measurement capability to capture spectrum as power, frequency, phase,and I/Q as a function of time. LAN, USB and GPIB connectivity are standardfeatures. The Advantest U3700 Series with new option 10 is like having twospectrum analyzers in one instrument. Itincreases productivity and functionality, reducing measuring time in half.Microwave Engineers can measure and display RF (Ka Band) and IF signalssimultaneously and independently making it easier to troubleshoot thesignal. It also allows you to compare aGolden Signal and DUT output simultaneously. For engineers that need to tune antennas, they can now look at both thehorizontal and vertical polarization at the same time. Any application that requires two signalinputs will benefit with time and cost savings. The company says the AdvantestU3700 Series with NEW option 10 is the only portable (14 lb or less) andbattery operated spectrum analyzer that sweeps up to 43GHz covering the Ka Bandin the market. This is possible due toits innovative all-digital architecture which allows a compact form factor andlow power consumption without compromising high RF performance. In addition, option 10 provides twosimultaneous input channels, a feature the company says no spectrum analyzer inany class can offer.

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