Knovel Math

DN Staff

April 9, 2010

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Knovel Math

Knovel Math is a Web-enabled library that provides fully documented Mathcad worksheets forengineering calculations, reducing the time it takes to solve and documentcomplex math problems. Using Knovel Math, Mathcad users can simplyfind the worksheet they need using powerful search tools, download it intoMathcad and customize it with specific input values for problem solving. Knovel Math includes more than 4000 worksheets supporting theneeds of mechanical, civil and structural engineers with further worksheets tobe added in 2010. Using Knovel Math, engineers can quickly access complete and fullydocumented worksheets and perform their calculations using either US customary ormetric units. This significantly improves productivity and the audit-ability ofcalculations. It ensures consistency, facilitates legacy knowledge transfer andpromotes the adoption of best practices. Knovel Math is web-enabled allowingengineers to access Mathcad worksheets at any time. Users can search for worksheets usingkeywords (eg. beam flexure) or browse through the Mathcad- enabled titles. In addition to the Mathcad worksheets, usershave access to the latest editions of reference titles from which they havebeen developed. Worksheets are fully expanded from their original publishedform (including all intermediate steps) and are fully editable. Worksheets are available in both U.S. customaryand metric units.

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