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IN BRIEF: Fastening and adhesivesIN BRIEF: Fastening and adhesives

DN Staff

February 7, 2000

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IN BRIEF: Fastening and adhesives

The assembly of optical transceiver packages demands a quick fixture of LED and laser light sources during the active alignment stage. Ablestik's ABLELUX(TM) AA50 is a UV/visible-blue light-curable adhesive that bonds in seconds, and is specially designed for this application. The adhesive is a high Tg, low-shrinkage material with good adhesion to gold.


ND Industries' ND Plastisol is a specialized liquid vinyl dispersion of PVC that is fused to a fastener by externally applied heat. When attached to the underside of screws, bolt heads, and rivets, Plastisol seals out solids, liquids, and gases, and insulates against noise and vibration. It is weather-resistant, self-extinguishing, and can be formulated to resist chemicals, abrasion, UV radiation, and ozone.


CONAP's new COAPOXY(R) FR-1400 is a two-component, one-to-one ratio, epoxy system for potting and casting applications. It has thermal shock resistance, and produces an 82 Shore D hardness. At room temperature, the epoxy has a low mixed viscosity from 6,500 to 8,700 centipoise, and a work life from 30 to 240 minutes.


Two new double-sided tapes are available from Tekra Film and Adhesive Products, a 3M distributor. 3M 9828 is a double-coated polyester tape, carried on 0.5-mil polyester film, and surrounded by solvent-free acrylic adhesive (1.5 mil). It's used for automobiles, appliances, electronics, and advertising and POP displays. 3M 9456 is a 4.5 mil, solvent-free adhesive tissue tape available in 54-inch width. Its uses include nameplates, control boards, and automotive trim.

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