ifm efector's VK Vibration Switch

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April 10, 2010

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ifm efector's VK Vibration Switch

The ifm VK Vibration MonitoringSwitch is designed to permanently mount on a machine to continuously monitorthe machine's vibration level. By detecting vibration level changes when theyfirst occur, the VK can help to prevent equipment from catastrophicallyfailing, reduce secondary damage, and eliminate expensive downtime. The compactVK switch measures only 73 mm high and features two setup dials that rotate toquickly establish the maximum velocity setpoint and time delay. The switchcombines both switching function and transmitter into one small housing. It is designedto monitor vibration on motors, pumps, compressors, fans, centrifuges andvibratory feeders. It also offers the advantages of a high performancevibration monitoring device at a fraction of the price - only $219 (US). The switcheliminates the challenges with traditional vibration monitoring such asspectrum analysis and data collectors. Implementation is based on the ISO10816standard which defines vibration monitoring of machinery. Based on thisstandard, the VK monitors the frequency range of 10 Hz - 1000 Hz. Most movingcomponents on typical motor-driven equipment from 600 to 3000 rpm will fallwithin this frequency range. The VKswitch integrates cost effective MEMS technology, and software is not requiredfor configuration .In just 5 min, a vibration monitoring switch can beinstalled and ready for operation. Compared to complicated vibration diagnosticsystems and Smart accelerometers, the ifm VK vibration switch makesimplementing vibration monitoring easy and straightforward. Setup is simpleusing the switch's rotating setup dials that establish maximum velocitysetpoint and response time delay. Highly-visible LEDs provide output status ofpower and alarm if the setpoint is exceeded. An analog output enables trendingof vibration levels. With the switch's MEMS technology, the VK switch providesa cost-effective solution that previously was only available at a high price.

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