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February 21, 2000

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Solenoid air valve eases electrical connectivity

The 2012 series of four-way modular solenoid air valves from Numatics eases electrical connectivity thanks to back plane circuit board technology. "We've completely eliminated wiring throughout the manifold," says Numatics' Marketing Manager Mark Madsen. In addition, the pull-out back plane reduces susceptibility to electric noise. Its plug-in connectivity eases assembly and changing of electronic components. The 26 mm-wide valve unit features a solenoid air pilot with low 2.5W 24V dc current draw. It is also polarity insensitive and equipped with surge suppression and manual overrides. The 2012 uses four different "Z-Board" designs for achieving single and double functions and for yielding up to 32 solenoids. It is NEMA4/IP65 rated and has up to 128 I/O points, 96 discrete and 32 solenoid. Numatics

Control module prevents injury "The trouble with automatic doors is that they sometimes close when they shouldn't, inadvertently injuring people or damaging forklifts and other machinery," says Scott Rosenberger, a product specialist with Hoerbiger-Origa. A new interference sensing (IS) module from the company prevents these types of accidents by detecting objects and automatically reversing the motion of an automatic door's pneumatic cylinders. The IS module integrates a five-port, two-position directional valve, a pressure switch, and a flow control valve into one package. When the pressure switch senses loss of system back pressure caused by an obstruction, it triggers the solenoid to retract the cylinder. The module is rated for pressures from 22 to 116 psi. Applications include automated pick-and-place systems, conveyors, and other material handling equipment. Hoerbiger-Origa Valve enhances medical devices One major concern of medical equipment manufacturers is patient comfort. A new proportional valve from Pneutronics, the Lone Wolf, improves patient comfort by delivering non-invasive blood pressure readings in half the time of a digital valve. The Lone Wolf's response time is 13 msec. The new valve also substitutes for digital valves in ventilators, insufflators, and other medical devices. The valve's analog control is small enough for mounting on a printed circuit board. It has numerous port orifice sizes ranging from 0.024 to 0.036 inch. The Lone Wolf's power requirements are 1/2, 1, or 2W, depending on the model selected. Voltage is from 3 to 60V dc. Pressures range from 10 to 25 psig. It weighs 2.2 oz and requires no lubrication. "We make sure our engineers have sufficient creative time to focus on the specific innovations our customers require," says James Haselton, general manager for Pneutronics. The patented valve is suitable for use with air, nitrogen, oxygen, and other media. Pneutronics
Valve reduces leak points Machining centers, testing equipment, and other machinery used in process and industrial applications often require installation of multiple valves for achieving desired functions. Typically, each valve has its own separate "T" connection to a common intake or discharge pipe. Each connection represents a potential leak point. "Our new manifold version of a coaxial valve reduces the number of leak points and installation time," says Rick Springer, president of springer co-ax inc. His new CO-AX valve requires only one connection point. Separation plates are installed between modules so they operate with different pressures or media via separate inlet ports. The valve is rated for pressures up to 3,000 psi. Adapters are available for mounting different valves into manifolds and allowing different flow rates. Options include metric threads, explosion-proof design, limit switches, and manual override. spring co-ax inc.
New filter/regulator/lubricator unit simplifies maintenance Changing the filter/regulator/lubricator (FRL) unit on an industrial machine is a time-consuming job for maintenance personnel. "With most models, you have to break a pipe union to get at the unit," says Gary Baumgardner, an engineer with Parker Hannifin's Pneumatic Div. "It's a pain," he says. Now, maintenance personnel need not experience that pain thanks to the new Air II P3N, a new FRL unit. Servicing the Air II P3N requires removal of a few bolts. The entire assembly slides out for maintenance, repair, or replacement. The modular unit has adapter plates for 3/4-, 1-, and 1-1/2-inch pipes. Options include manual and automatic drains and removable regulator knobs. Parker Hannifin Pneumatic Div.
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