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March 6, 2000

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Wire management Microtrak(R) carriers bring cable management technology to power and control applications for ribbon cable, wires, and hoses less than 1/4 inch in diameter. Proven large-system technology is applied to intricate design criteria using these smaller carriers. They are suited for computer printers where high speeds and cycles are required. These miniature snap-together hinge-opening carriers are constructed from glass-reinforced nylon. Cavity sizes range from 0.39 inch H 2 0.24 inch W to 0.59 inch H 2 1.57 inch W. KabbelSchlepp America Remote Web printing In today's Internet-based world, people need Web-ready printers. So NEC Technologies developed the SuperScript 4600N, 4400N, and 4200N networked color laser printers. Based on a new printing technology, the PrintAgentTM, users can print from remote locations via the Internet. Designed to optimize business text and graphics, these machines boast print speeds of four pages-per-minute (ppm) in color and 16 ppm in monochrome. Real-time status enables users to view the status of a remote print job. Pull Printing enables users to send a document's URL or file descriptor to a remote SuperScript network color printer via a standard Web browser.
NEC Technologies Digital whiteboards eBeamTM converts any whiteboard into a digital workspace, allowing users to capture meeting-notes and diagrams in real time on their personal computer. Words and images can be viewed, edited, and shared across the world using a Web browser. "We are determined to revolutionize the way [people] share their ideas over the Internet," said Guy Gecht, president of Electronics For Imaging. The eBeam marking system, which includes four marker sleeves, two whiteboard pods, and one eraser, weighs approximately one pound and can easily be carried in a laptop case. Standard dry-erase markers fit inside the sleeves which send signals to the pods mounted to the top of a whiteboard or any flat writing surface with the use of self adhesive VelcroTM strips or suction cups. Each pod receives data from the sleeves and sends the data to your computer. According to company officials, setting up eBeam takes less than three minutes. Any word or image drawn on the whiteboard appears on the desktop in full color.
Electronics for Imaging Low-profile switch Measuring only 0.47 mm, Omron's B3B Tactile Switches offer a low profile. The surface mount switch, developed for more compact, slim, and lightweight products, weighs approximately 0.01g. The switch offers a capacity of 1 to 20 mA, 5 to 15V dc resistive load, minimum insulation resistance of 100 M ohms at 100V dc, SPST-NO contact configuration, minimum life expectancy of 50,000 operations, and ambient operating temperature of -25 to 70C.
Omron Electronics Inc One rugged mouse The Dome MOUSE-TRAK input device for medical and industrial automation applications offers more ruggedness than industrial trackballs and better precision and control than sealed touchpads, say ITAC officials. The deformable dome mounted over a miniaturized motion encoder mechanism captures user inputs. The user moves the top of the dome like they would a normal trackball to communicate direction and speed of cursor. "These devices are ideally suited for extremely dirty environments such as mines," says Don Bynum, president of ITAC Systems, as well as "applications such as clean rooms where aggressive use of cleaning solutions makes other input devices not viable."
ITAC Systems Link layer device A third-generation Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) link layer device from Texas Instruments (Dallas) consumes one-third the power of previous 1394 high-performance serial bus solutions and reduces costs by 30%. The TSB12LV26 features deep FIFO (first-in, first-out) memory with TI's threshold architecture, which ensures high 1394 performance in PC and storage applications. To ease the migration of designs with TI's previous generations of OHCI Lynx devices, the TSB12LV26 is pin-for-pin compatible with first- and second-generation parts. 1394 designers will have a broad range of packages options including thin quad flat pack (TQFP), ball grid array (BGA), and MicroStar BGA.
Texas Instruments Business card scanner and software Tired of typing in business card information by hand but you don't want to spend the money on a dedicated scanner? Input the data with a flatbed scanner from UMAX instead. The Astra 2000P, 2000U, 2100U, and 2200 SOHO are capable of capturing business card data and directly linking the information with PC and PDA digital address books. Integrated with NewSoft BizCard reader software, the information is compatible with the Palm Desktop, Microsoft Outlook, and other popular software packages. The UMAX scanning system eliminates the need for a dedicated business card reader. The process can read eight cards simultaneously and recognizes company name, contact, title, and phone number, while automatically funneling the information into the appropriate fields.
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