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Haydon Kerk's Kerk Brand Customized Lead Screws and Nuts

December 9, 2009

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Haydon Kerk's Kerk Brand Customized Lead Screws and Nuts

MOTION CONTROL:  Haydon Kerk Motion SolutionsTMoffers precision lead screws and customized nut designs in motion control applications where ball screws may have been originally considered. Kerk® lead screws and custom nut designs create exceptional value for designers and end users in a variety of industries.

For vertical applications, Kerk lead screws can be designed to self-lock and prevent back driving, unlike traditional ball screws. Utilizing a sliding motion between the nut and the screw to convert rotary input to linear output motion, the Kerk non-ball lead screws offer accuracy comparable to ground ball screws.  Kerk lead screws are manufactured with a choice of proprietary coatings, depending on the application requirements.  Kerkote® and Black IceTM dry lubrication coatings eliminate the need for external lubrication and maintenance.  Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions can also add value to an application by designing and molding customized application-specific nut features. As with all Kerk brand anti-backlash and freewheeling nuts, customized nuts can be molded using Kerkite® high performance polymers or various customer-specified specialty materials.

Manufactured from 303 stainless steel and produced with Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions’ exclusive precision rolling process, Kerk lead screws are available in standard diameters from 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) to 15/16 inch (23 mm), with standard leads from .02 to 3 inch (.5 to 76 mm). Custom materials, sizes and leads are available upon request.

- Edited by Liz Taurasi


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