Greener Cold Ones, Lidar, Automotive MOSFETs, and More Supplier News

Mix some business with pleasure by investigating Michelob Ultra's new low-carbon cans while perusing our supplier announcements.

Anheuser-Busch's Michelob ULTRA beer has cultivated a following among athletes seeking a cold low-carb post-workout brew, and now the company is making the cans themselves low carbon to match the beer inside.

One day, maybe we'll be able to get an automated ride home after a few of those Michelobs, courtesy of developments like Rohde & Shwarz's automatic driver assistance system, OmniVision's automotive vision technology, and Ibeo's lidar units, which could combine to let your future car drive itself.

Click through our slideshow to learn more about these and other new technologies from industry suppliers.

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