Flux Drive 08ASD (Adjustable Speed Drive)

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April 10, 2010

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Flux Drive 08ASD (Adjustable Speed Drive)

The Flux Drive08ASD (adjustable speed drive) is a mechanical power-transmission device thatprovides soft-start and variable speed (energy savings) to centrifugal loadapplications such as pumps and blowers. The unit is made up of two components - an induction rotor and amagnetic assembly. Adjustable speed isachieved by controlling the overlap of an organized magnetic array, as it spinsaround an induction rotor. When the magnetic assembly and the rotor aredisengaged, slip increases and the output speed decreases. As the magnetic assembly and the rotor arefull engaged, the torque increases to 98.5 percent of the input speed. Itoffers up to 30-50 percent energy savings ; reduces power required to operateat variable speed (compared to VFD's); eliminates damaging harmonic frequencies;eliminates the need to install electronic filtering devices; reduces cost ofspecialized personal to install, tuneand maintain the speed control device; handles speed control on Low, Med andHigh voltage applications without requiring step down transformers or filters;offers cost-effective operations in harsh environments (saltwater, gases, etc.).Power Transmission is across an air-gap, therefore no touching parts to wearout. The Flux Driveproduct uses a unique patented magnetic circuit that is created by combininginduction rotor technology and permanent magnets to create a constant magneticflux current that closely follows motor theory and scaling. The company says thistechnology is not associated with theolder eddy current technology which is found in other magnetic couplings. The constant magnetic circuit operates athigher torque and horse power in a smaller footprint with less slip than othermagnetic couplings.

For more information: www.FluxDrive.com

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