Endicott Research Group's Smart ForceTM SFDM Series LED Driver for LED-backlit Displays

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April 10, 2010

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Endicott Research Group's Smart ForceTM SFDM Series LED Driver for LED-backlit Displays

TheSFDM (Mini) Series LED Driver board for LED-backlit displays provides a fullfunction power supply withoptimum power for high brightness as well as lower power consumption and lowercost in an exceptionally compact size - 1.11 inch (28.2 mm) x 3.10 inch(78.7 mm), and less than 5 mm high. Itprovides brightness stability over a wide input voltage (8-20V), with externalPWM (pulse width modulation) dimming to 250:1, can power up to 6 LED strings, and is compatible with virtuallyall OEM LED-backlit panels. Use of high-brightLEDs in LCD backlights creates new challenges for the power supply driving theLED BLU (backlighting unit). Getting optimum performance from LED BLUs requiresa full-function power supply that maintains a constant current, providingsufficient voltage across the LED BLU to light the LED strings and provideproper current regulation. The challenges facing power supplies (i.e., drivers)for LED-backlit displays cannot be met by the many single-chip IC driversavailable on the market The SFDM is designed toaccount for this voltage change and can light across the entire normaloperating range of temperatures, with no time or expense devoted to designing aboost circuit. The SDFM Driver board can also be used with ERG's Smart ForceTMLED rails. These are special rails that utilize a proprietary new designto provide thermal management superior to any other technology on the market.The thermal management technology utilized inside the rails addresses the majorchallenge for LED BLUs: keeping the LEDs cool.

For more information: http://www.ergpower.com/SFLED-boards.html

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