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September 28, 2010

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Deschner Corp.'s Cushion-Start Kinechek

Deschner Corp. has combined the shock-absorbingfeature of its Cushioneer(R) shock absorber with its speed regulator modelKinechek(R) to offer a hybrid model called the Cushion-Start Kinechek.

The impact-absorbing feature called Cushion-Start is asafeguard for those applications where a fast-moving load exerts an impactforce beyond the capacity of the Kinechek. Approximately 25 percent of thebeginning of the stroke is used for cushioning, then the remaining portion ofthe stroke will control the load with the same constant uniformness as aregular Kinechek.

Leak-proofand fully adjustable, Cushion-Start model Kinecheks are available in .50, 1, 2 and3 inch, with a maximum capacity of 1,200 lb (including impact when load strikesplunger).

Deschner Corp.'s Cushion-Start Kinechek

Deschner Corp.'s Cushion-Start Kinechek_A

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