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Best Cities for Engineering Salaries and Career Growth

Indeed plowed through tons of data to determine the best cities for engineers. Indeed looked at the number of jobs, salary levels, and growth opportunities.

February 27, 2023

10 Slides

Geography is important for engineers for multiple reasons, both professional and personal. When looking for a job in an engineering field, you should consider these factors:

  • Opportunity:

  • The concentration of engineering jobs

  • Job growth: Career growth opportunities can differ from city to city

  • Type of company: Some cities offer a variety of public and private engineering opportunities.

  • Size of operation: The size of the company can depend on the location of the business.

  • Lifestyle: Personal factors like housing and entertainment options can vary greatly from city to city.

This study focused on jobs for

  • Mechanical engineers

  • Electrical engineers

In the slides, the first five cities are the best for mechanical engineers, while the second set of five includes the best cities for electrical engineers. Interestingly, there was no overlap between the best cities for mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

The cities are ranked by the highest average salary.

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