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April 10, 2010

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Balluff's Micropulse Generation 7 Linear Position Transducer

Balluff's Micropulse Generation 7 Linear Position Transduceris a linear transducer for the measurement of absolute position. A magnetdefines the position to be measured on a waveguide. The waveguide can have alength between 25 and 7600 mm. The measurement is based on the magnetostrictiveeffect. Measuring ranges can be adjusted. Positions can be measured with aresolution of a few Amum. Positions of up to two magnets can be detected and putout on two outputs. The transducer is a robust measurement device againstmagnetic fields, vibrations or EMC fields in industrial environments. Theposition measurement resolution is very high and the position signal can be putout on an analog interface with voltage or current outputs. The positiondetection update rate can be up to 4 kHz. Different stroke lengths can be used- as long as 300 inches. Diagnosis functions via error signal outputs and LEDsare also available.

For more information: http://www.balluff.com/btl7-z

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