Ball Monorail features fewer components

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September 22, 1997

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Ball Monorail features fewer components

The operating characteristic of a profiled guideway is strongly dependent on the balls running as quietly as possible. For this reason, Schneeberger, Inc. has introduced its Monorail BM, a new linear guideway product. By reducing the number of related transitions in ball recirculation, the design claims improved running characteristics over competing products.

"Particular attention was focused on the run-in area as the balls transition from the unloaded to the loaded zone," explains Executive VP and Managing Director George Jaffe. "Geometrically balancing this area minimizes stroke pulsation, pitch movement, and noise."

Jaffe adds that the design permits quiet operation without relying on plastic cage elements to separate the balls. Other reliability features:

  • The carriage is sealed at each end with double-lip wipers, and longitudinally along the rail surfaces.

  • A trapezoidal rail profile enables wiper exchange without carriage removal.

  • Front plates incorporate a lubrication distribution system; Lubricant may be applied in any of four locations--front, either side, or top.

Produced in six sizes--15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45--and four carriage types, the new Ball Monorail is applicable to general automation, pick-and-place, semiconductor wafer handling, and machine tools. As with Schneeberger's well-known MR roller guideway, the Monorail BM is available in four accuracy grades and three preload classes.

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