Atmel Corp.'s maXTouchTM Capacitive Touchscreen Controller/ mXT224

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April 10, 2010

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Atmel Corp.'s maXTouchTM Capacitive Touchscreen Controller/ mXT224

maXTouchTM is acapacitive touchscreen controller supporting an unlimited number of uniquesimultaneous touches, video-quality screen refresh rate of 250 Hz, full zoom,rotate, full-speed handwriting and recognizes stylus/fingernail input. Atmel'smaXTouch technology will give consumers a human-to-machine experience that,until now, has not been available. Consumers will find maXTouch attractivebecause it will add the following features to mobile phones, netbooks, laptops,home appliances and many other applications: low power consumption; sSupportfor an unlimited number of unique simultaneous touches; supports touch screenssurpassing 10 inches; full zoom, stretch/pinch, rotate, handwriting and shaperecognition; rejecting unintended touches; shape recognition such as facedetection on mobile phones; and stylus input. This architecture enables thesimultaneous processing of 224 nodes at 250 Hz, while consuming less than 1.8mW. By integrating theentire capacitive sensing circuitry on-chip, maXTouch provides a fullyintegrated single-chip solution without the need for external components tosupport the capacitive sensing, minimizing the cost and PCB footprintrequirements. Additionally, the mXT224 integrates Atmel's single-cycle RISCAVRA(R) core with 32 registers and two on-chip DSP engines that process the X andY positions on the touchscreen. An event system and peripheral DMA controlleroff-load all inter-peripheral communications and data transfer operations fromthe CPU, freeing it up for post-processing of the sensor image. According to the company, the mXT224 is thefirst capacitive touchscreen solution that supports not just finger touch, butalso stylus, fingernails and gloves for drawing or signature capture and characterrecognition, thanks to its 80:1 signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and extremely fastrefresh rate.

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