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The new Apple iPhone 15 can call for help even when there’s no cell signal.

Dan Carney

September 14, 2023

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Apple debuted the ability to text 911 for help by pointing your phone at a satellite, and now in the iPhone 15, the company is expanding that capability to calling the American Automobile Association for roadside assistance.

This capability joins the existing Crash Detection, satellite Emergency SOS, and the ability to share location with others through a satellite connection.

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Emergency SOS via satellite is already available in 14 countries and regions on three continents and it will add coverage to Spain and Switzerland later this month.

U.S. customers are gaining the ability to contact AAA when they have car trouble even when they are outside cellular coverage areas using a short questionnaire that captures important details and transmits the information via satellite so AAA can message the user directly and dispatch help to their exact location.

Apple is providing access to Roadside Assistance via satellite free for two years for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus buyers. That covers the call for help, but the actual service is covered according to the caller’s AAA membership, though assistance is available separately for nonmembers too.


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