A roller rail with scanner and scale

DN Staff

March 20, 2000

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A roller rail with scanner and scale

By combining guiding and measuring functions into one unit, these ball and roller rail systems-now available in lengths to 4m-save considerable space, material, and cost. Each system incorporates a scanner unit that mounts directly on the runner block, and a steel scale that fits into a slot on the guide rail. A sensor system with signal conditioning electronics make up the Scanner, while a corrosion-resistant, hermetically sealed steel foil protects the scale.

Relative contactless motion between the scanner and scale generates sine-wave sensor signals. These are emitted either as voltage signals (1Vpp) directly from the probe, or as square wave signals (RS 422A) downstream of the interpolation unit. Both signal outputs are equipped with real-time evaluation electronics to provide appropriate signals for high-response systems.

"Because of the integrated construction," says Rexroth Star Marketing Manager Dietrich Voelskow, "these products help simplify machine design. Machine errors are reduced since the measuring system is considerably closer to the actual machining process when compared to an externally-mounted measuring system."

Voelskow also points to other benefits:

  • Insensitivity to dirt

  • Insensitivity to magnetic fields and magnetic metal particles

  • Long service life

  • Retrofit capability

Additional details...Contact Rexroth Star, 14002 S. Lakes Dr., Charlotte, NC 28273; FAX: (704) 583-0523.

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