Industrial Test Systems' eXact Micro 7+ Advanced Photometer

DN Staff

April 10, 2010

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Industrial Test Systems' eXact Micro 7+ Advanced Photometer

TheeXactA(R) Micro 7+ photometer is ideal for residential, commercial andmunicipal water testing. The eXactA(R) Micro 7+ reads nine parametersdirectly: Alkalinity; Bromine; Calcium Hardness; Free Chlorine; Total Chlorine;Copper; Ozone; Permanganate; pH and Transmission. Additionally, in transmissionthe meter tests for: Ammonia; Chloride; Chlorine Dioxide; Chromium Hexavalent;Cyanuric Acid; Iodine; Iron; Low Range Total Hardness; Manganese; Nitrate;Nitrite; Acid pH; Alkali pH; Potassium; Sulfate; Sulfide and Turbidity. Themeter fits comfortably in your hand, is waterproof (IP-67) and the samplingcell is built into the meter. The eXactA(R) Micro 7+ is EPA-compliantfor Free and Total Chlorine regulatory testing. With a 4 ml sample cell itsenvironmental friendly using 60 percent less chemicals than the ordinary 10 mltest. The meter provides accuracy you can rely on, minimum variation, and fastresults (uses 20 second test method) at 0.01 resolution. The meter comes infour different kits and promises to change the future of water quality testing.The eXact Micro 7+ waterproof photometer has the sampling cell sealed/builtinto the meter; eliminating the cumbersome task of handling cells orcuvettes. No handling of cells means just that: no more attentionto filling to the 10 ml line, matched cells are no longer needed, no wiping acell window, scratched cells are no longer a concern, no shaking of cells, nomore broken glass cells, and no more lost cells to find. This affordablewaterproof meter is designed to give fast water chemistry results without usinga laboratory. Instead of utilizing hard to crush tablets or messy liquids orpowders, the eXact Micro 7+ meter uses revolutionary eXactMicro 7+ Strips: the safest and most convenient delivery system for your watertesting using a patented DPD reagent. All required reagents are preciselymeasured and impregnated on a test strip pad. eXact Micro 7+ Strips for FreeChlorine is compatible with a wide range of existing meters from manufacturerssuch as Hach, LaMotte, Orion, WTW and others. This meter uses a patented givesquick and easy testing results in under a minute. The eXactA(R) Micro 7+ isEPA-compliant for Free and Total Chlorine regulatory testing. With a 4 mlsample cell its environmental friendly using 60% less chemicals than theordinary 10 ml test. The meter provides accuracy you can rely on, minimumvariation, and fast results (uses 20 sec test method) at 0.01 resolution. Itsaves time and money for water quality testing in a compact design.

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