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Inductive position/speed sensing

Inductive position/speed sensing

Replacing the coils of conventional resolvers, encoders, and LVDTs with a silicon chip allows position measurement miniaturization at maintained or better performance. A micro-coil matrix, integrated interface circuit, package, and external scale in anymetallic material make up the sensor.

To work, one of the micro-coils generates a field, modulated by the metallic scale. This amplitude-modulated field imparts an induced voltage in the detector micro-coils. Interface circuitry processes the AM signal to deduce position, speed, and direction of movement. Output can be analog, digital, or any other format required by the application.

Hans van den Vlekkert, CSEM Microsystems (E), Jaquet-Droz1, CH2007 Neuchatel, Switzerland, Tel: +41 32 720 55 90, Fax: +41 32 720 57 30, e-mail: [email protected]

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