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What Industries Are the Highest-Paid Engineers Working In?What Industries Are the Highest-Paid Engineers Working In?

Take a look at 2015's engineering salaries by discipline and employer, including bottom, middle, and top ranges.

Rob Spiegel

September 23, 2015

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What Industries Are the Highest-Paid Engineers Working In?

Here are recent salaries details for engineering jobs by discipline. In addition to showing the range of salaries for electrical, mechanical and seven other engineering disciplines, the EngineeringSalarary.comlist also includes salaries by bottom 10 percent, top 10 percent, and middle 50 percent.

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Aerospace engineer salaries for the middle 50 percent range between $61,710 and $96,980. Salaries for the lowest 10 percent are less than $50,320. Salaries for the highest 10 percent are more than $122,640. Median salaries for industries employing the largest number of aerospace engineers are:Federal government: $80,440Search and navigation equipment: $76,310Aircraft, parts and components: $77,280Guided missiles, space vehicles, and parts: $74,750
(Source: ae.sjsu.edu)


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