Christen Costa

September 17, 2014

1 Min Read
Video: BMW's i3 Electric Car Fuels Up With a Home Depot Generator

BMW's i3 is an impressive piece of kit. The frame of the car is made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic that is equally as strong as steel, yet 50% lighter. There are also dual floating screens, a set of suicide doors, and an interior that is as opulent as the car manufacturer's 5-series and equally as large as their 3-series sedan. Impressive? You bet.

However, if you want to double the car's range you'll need to spend almost an extra $4k. Or you could do what Gadget Review did: throw an everyday, gas-powered generator in its trunk and plug the i3 into it when a charge is needed. It's just too bad... well, you should watch the video and you'll see what happens.

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