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The Best DIY Gadgets For Securing Your Home

These Gadget Freak projects are ideal for anyone looking to make some homebrew upgrades to their home security.

Chris Wiltz

November 15, 2017

7 Slides

Home security has always been one of the most popular categories for Gadget Freak. Something about catching a potential burglar with a homemade device seems to really get engineers excited. We've rounded up some of our favorite projects* from the past. No matter what your home defense needs are, we're sure you'll find a worthwhile weekend project here.  We'll even show you how to guard against UFOs and zombies!

Click through the image above to start the slideshow. 

*Design News, its staff, and parent company make no claim to the effectiveness of these devices in preventing robbery, theft, or physical harm. Use at your own risk.

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