Mmmm..... bacon.....

April 7, 2010

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Mmmm.....  bacon.....

Matty Sallin and friends have created an alarm clock that even Homer Simpson could love.  Not satisfied with the conventional offerings on the shelf at their local department store, they designed their own after doing some product marketing research.  The research revealed that the most common complaint about regular alarm clocks is that they promote “alarm fatigue”, or reduced sensitivity to the alarm after repeated use.

From this they brainstormed an alarm clock that would have several plugin modules that would attempt to wake the target sleeper in different ways:  by changing the temperature, by shaking the bed, bright lights, air cannon, and of course the usual preparing freshly baked bacon.

The WWW page is thin on details but Gadget Freak readers aren’t the type to need step by step directions anyway.  A conventional alarm clock, an add-on microcontroller, a couple halogen lamps, and some frozen bacon, a nice wooden box with pig-like accouterments,  you can probably take it from there.

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Steve Ravet

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