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September 18, 2014

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Gadget Freak Case #263: Midi Key-tar

Have you ever needed an extra synth for a concert? Maybe you just enjoy fiddling around with music production software, and you need a midi controller? Well, look no further than your own computer keyboard. This simple "weekend project" will leave you with a new, stylish, playable instrument.

This keyboard "hack" was inspired from a situation when my band was playing a concert, but we needed a secondary synth. I knew computer keyboards could be used to send midi commands to music production software (Ableton, Pro Tools, Fl Studio, etc.), but keeping a computer keyboard on stage would be an eyesore. Naturally, I took a computer keyboard apart and tried to make it a little easier on the eyes and fingers. Some of the features of this midi "key-tar" are resistive-touch activated keys, LED back-lit keys, and the fact that it is guitar strap friendly.

Once all the parts are obtained, this project will only take about two hours to complete.



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