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DIY Contests of Interest

November 15, 2010

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DIY Contests of Interest

I’ve seen quite a few DIY type contests lately so I thought I’d point some of them out:

Instructables is always having contests, right now you can enter the Duct Tape Tough contest,  the Autodesk Kinetic Sculpture contest, the Belt Reuse contest, the Humana Health Challenge, or the Alchemy Goods  inner tube reuse contest.  Whew, that’s a lot of contests. I think the Duct tape contest should provide some pretty entertaining entries,  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

Allied is having a gadget contest.  This one is pretty basic, you just have to upload a photo of a gadget that you have built and a one line description.   Viewers then vote and the winners get gift certificates to ThinkGeek.com.  I put up a photo of the Big Mouth Billy Bass brain transplant, so if you wander by and want to cast a vote for it, that’d be great.

Alan Parekh runs hackedgadgets.com, from which I feature items now and then.  I also wrote about is multimeter clock project recently.  He has a “name the thing” contest once in a while, there is one open right now that offers a Papilio Barcode Genie as a prize.  Take a look and see if you can figure it out.

My favorite development/prototyping board, mbed, is having a contest in association with Circuit Cellar magazine and NXP semiconductor.  The prizes are pretty significant, a total of $10,000 split amongst 8 winners.

Maybe you know of some contests as well.  Leave a comment below and let us all know about it.

Steve Ravet

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