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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Hose pump

Verderflex Pump is designed as an industrial quality seal-less pump with no flaps or valves. The pump has a holding capacity of 0.1 to 350 gpm, pressure up to 230 psig, and a suction lift to 30 ft. Close coupled, its maintenance involves reportedly easy hose replacement with few wearing parts.

Granzow Inc.,

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DCF filters

According to the company, twin actuator DCF filters process quick-drying, highly abrasive, and sticky fluids, as well as thicker, viscous liquids. Available in DCF-800 and DCF-1600 filter units, the twin actuator filters operate by using a cleaning disk to eliminate contaminants in less than a second from the filter's interior surface. Applications include chemicals, resins, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and coatings, since the DCF mechanically cleaned filters can dispose of solids 15 microns and larger.

RPA Process Technologies,

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The 9100 Series Circulator, occupying 8.25 in. width, uses CFC-free refrigerant and the company's energy-efficient Cool Command(TM) refrigeration technology. Included are a 6L reservoir, rapid-response 1,000W heater, and a reportedly wide temperature range. A choice of four programmable controllers-complete with 5-speed pressure, suction pump, and RS-232 interface-include digital, standard, PID microprocessor, and analog controllers.


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Heat exchangers

The BCF(R) heat exchanger family includes 110 standard BCF models, consisting of corrosion-resistant copper alloy cores and cast-iron bonnets. Heat transfer surface areas occupy up to 124 ft2 and feature compressed fiber gasketing. Typical applications include uses with rigid heat transfer requirements.

ITT Standard,

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