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Video: How Are Smart TVs Made?

A lot of work goes into manufacturing the TVs in your house. This video provides a close-up look of the many steps used in the manufacture of LED Smart TVs.

Spencer Chin

January 3, 2024

Smart TV manufacturing
A multitude of steps are needed to manufacture the flat-screen TV sets that sit in your home. JOHN MACDOUGALL / Staff/ AFP

We often take the TVs in our homes for granted, but there’s hours of painstaking engineering and manufacturing that go into the products that entertain us daily. In this video on the channel Xprocess, the narrator details the many steps in manufacturing an LED-based, flat-screen Smart TV.  

The process starts with sandwiching glass LCD layers in a clean room, gradually moving onto depositing LEDs on the layers. Injection molding machines and robots play an important role in the high-speed assembly process.

Following this, the electronics assemblies for the TVs are added and the entire unit is then tested, with the help of highly sensitive scanners to make sure all the TV’s pixels function properly. Following this, the TVs undergo another four hours testing before they are ready to be packed and shipped.

To view this fascinating video, click here.

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