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Looking Ahead to 6G

NXP's Paul Hart discusses the potentially game-changing ramificationsꟷand the challenges─of the future ramp-up to 6G communications.

Spencer Chin

June 7, 2022

5G has been a hotbed topic for a long time, and after some delays, the technology is now establishing a solid foothold in our communications infrastructure. More communications providers and offering 5G services, and there are more phones and other electronic devices compatible with the protocol.  But as 5G becomes commonplace, electronics and communications companies are already eyeing the next milestone in high-speed communications─6G.


6G promises a 10x improvement in data throughput over 5G. But more important, 6G is slated to bring on a new era of ubiquitous connectivity, where everything is connected and there is potentially near-instantaneous response. But to make 6G successful, thought and planning will be needed to maximize the technology’s vast potential. In fact, the advocates of 6G say the technology will not be defined by specifications. It will be defined by the end-use applications driving the implementation of the technology, in a purposeful, secure, and sustainable manner.

Watch NXP’s Paul Hart, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Radiopower, discuss his 6G vision in his keynote address, “6G─Beyond Another G” at the 6G Symposium Europe.


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