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Chiplets Emerge to Package Multiple Functions

Here are some examples of chiplet technologies either demonstrated or used in production ICs.

Spencer Chin

March 21, 2022

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Over the past decade, semiconductor and electronics manufacturers have started developing chiplets, ICs containing die with specific functions that are interconnected together.  These parts are enabling companies to mix and match various functions─ memory, logic, processor, and analog, in arrangements to meet circuit design needs that best balance cost, performance, and technology.

Chiplets will give engineers more flexibility in product design and potentially improve time-to-marketꟷ a critical advantage at a time when chip shortages remain widespread.

One obstacle to using chiplets has been the lack of a standard interconnect for the die, but the recent formation of the UCIe may resolve that issue, The UCIe will provide a standard interface specification to connect chiplets together comprehending all the layers, including the physical layer, compliance and interoperability standardization, standard device discovery, and error reporting. The specification will incorporate all the factors needed for full plug and play, similar to those at the board level with PCIe and CXL, according to Debendra Das Sharma, Chair of UCIe and Intel Senior Fellow.

Some examples of chiplets developed to date follow.

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