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Best Online Graduate Programs for EEsBest Online Graduate Programs for EEs

Working electrical engineers wishing to pursue graduate degrees remotely should consider these online programs.

Spencer Chin

November 9, 2023

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While some electrical engineering graduates decide to pursue full-time graduate degrees, others opt to work full-time to get real-world experience, taking advantage of a favorable long-term outlook for electrical engineers. Because an advanced degree can open up additional opportunities, many working engineers are interested in post-graduate work but due to geographic issues and work obligations, may not be able to adhere to a daily schedule of in-person classes.

Fortunately, many reputable engineering schools have established online programs to pursue graduate study, with many in place even before the recent pandemic.  While these rigorous programs due involve a time commitment, not having to regularly travel to a campus offers some scheduling flexibility time for busy working engineers.

U.S. News and World Report has compiled a list of the top online graduate programs for electrical engineering, listed below. Most of these programs adhere to the same rigorous standards in-person graduate engineering programs adhere to, and more often than not utilize the same faculty members. The U.S. and News Report criteria included student engagement with faculty and classmates, faculty credentials and training, peer assessment, services and technologies, and student achievement.

Note that the tuition cost stated for each school is by credit.

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