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An electronics cornucopia

DN Staff

April 20, 1998

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An electronics cornucopia

Reliance Electric showed its award-winning IQ Intelligent Motor, and introduced the GB3000 SE sensorless enhanced drive, which combines V/Hz, sensorless vector, and closed-loop flux vector capabilities in a single unit ...To meet industry demand for larger industrial flat-panel displays, Allen-Bradley added a 15-inch TFT (thin-film-transistor) display option to its popular line of industrial computers, as well as a PCI interface card for running soft control applications on DeviceNet ...Omron also jumped on the DeviceNet bandwagon with compatible temperature-sensor input and high-resolution analog I/O terminals ...Daniel Woodhead Company introduced a continuous 360(degree) shield to its Brad Harrison line of products. The shield prevents electrical noise from corrupting signals, even through mating connections ...Beau Interconnect announced Series 86 and 87 Eurostyle(reg) pc-board headers for convection or vapor-phase soldering. The through-hole terminal-block headers use a polymer to achieve a 250C process temperature rating and are compatible with "pin and paste" and intrusive reflow techniques ...BEI Sensors & Systems Co., Encoder Systems Div. unveiled the LIE5 Series of optical linear encoders, developed under the company's business alliance with Carl Zeiss. The encoders can travel at faster traversing speeds, the company says, and have accuracies to 1 micron/m ...National Instruments presented modules that connect CompactPCI systems to communications networks for use in industrial automation applications ...Fluke showed its latest test and measurement products on the show floor by literally dropping them to demonstrate robustness. The units included ScopeMeters(TM), whose large LCDs give the users waveform shapes as well as digital data, and new digital multimeters that feature larger displays for long-distance viewing ...Debuting from efector was a range of AS-i products that allows the firm's switches and sensors to be interconnected on a simple two-wire bus. The line is geared for inexpensive direct replacement of parallel-wired PLC-based systems while providing high speeds via 4-bit/node data packets ...C&K Components announced the KN Series of ultra-miniature tactile switches for portable electronics. The switches stand 1.63-mm (side actuated) and 2.5-mm (top actuated) tall. Made of high-temperature thermoplastic, the devices withstand surface-mount reflow soldering ...To provide economical power, Phoenix Contact displayed its new Quint Series of 24V dc switching power supplies. Aimed at the instrumentation market and other applications where conditioned power is vital, a power-factor-correction option meets CE requirements for harmonic distortion.

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