Myo Wants to Be a Mouse for All Your Electronic Devices

Chris Wiltz

March 31, 2015

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Myo Wants to Be a Mouse for All Your Electronic Devices

Is it finally time to retire your standard computer mouse? Canadian startup Thalmic Labs' Myo is an arm-worn device that lets users control computers, smartphones, and other digital devices using only hand and arm gestures.

Myo's combination of sensors including, EMG sensors, an accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope allow it to detect gross movements as well as small movements including waving and fist clenching. Using Bluetooth Smart, the armband can translate moves into on-screen commands.


Speaking at SXSW Interactive Thalmic Labs CEO Stephen Lake has uses for Myo beyond what's available today in human-computer interfaces. The device has been initially targeted at the consumer market, but has also found a home in other areas, including healthcare technology.

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MD+DI has reported that Myo has found uses in surgery:

"We have a great partner that's based out of Spain that's actually integrated this into the operating room for surgeons," Lake told an audience at the recent SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. "They're using this to enable surgeons to interact with the images around them on the monitors in the operating room while they're scrubbed in. If they have preoperative CT scans or MRI scans or 3D images, they can actually go through and zoom in and do things like that while they're operating without needing to scrub out or ask someone else to go in and do whatever they need to do there."

Developers have also used Myo's open API to use the device for stroke rehabilitation -- providing biofeedback to retrain stroke victims for proper movement. With a $199 price tag Myo could soon be a new favorite tool among the DIY/Maker Movement set.

Any cool ideas for projects? Maybe combining the Myo with an Arduino board?

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