Learn to Design Internet-Connected Devices

Jennifer Campbell, Indiana Prarie Farmer Contributor

June 18, 2015

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Learn to Design Internet-Connected Devices

Next week's Continuing Education Center course, Designing Internet Connectivity No Matter the Platform, sponsored by Digi-Key, is a can't miss, especially if you are a fan of Design News' popular Gadget Freak column.

Join us, along with lecturer Fred Eady, as he demonstrates how an $8 set of ASK radio modules can perform monitor and control operations using the Internet. "... We will build a really cheap garage door opener RF receiver and transmitter," Eady told me via email. "Then, we will put the output of the receiver on a LAN and Internet using WiFi."

And that's just Day One!

On Day Two of the course, Eady says: "We will work with Microchip's new Bluetooth radio, the RN4020. We'll set up a Bluetooth network of two devices. One device will send and the other will receive.The output of the receiver will be directed to the Internet via WiFi and a wired off-the-shelf client device."

Day three "will be centered on the new ACKme line of WiFi and Bluetooth radios," Eady told me. "We'll demonstrate how to setup and use the various ACKme radios. We will also put the scratch built hardware to work as a ACKme-based WiFi gateway."

On Day four, technology provided by Anaren shines in this class, as we will drive an Anaren A20737 radio module across the Internet.

And Day five, the final day of this free, fun, informative course focuses on designing a base piece of Internet-capable hardware. "We will design and scratch build a "super gateway" that includes wired Ethernet, multiple serial ports that interface to Bluetooth and WiFi radios, microSD card storage capability and general purpose I/O capability," Eady said.

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