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Freescale Teams with Software Suppliers on New Communications PlatformsFreescale Teams with Software Suppliers on New Communications Platforms

DN Staff

June 25, 2010

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Freescale Teams with Software Suppliers on New Communications Platforms

Freescale Semiconductor Inc.unveiled a pair of new communications processor platforms this week, and saidthat it is already partnering with suppliers to provide embedded software forthe new products.

The two newplatforms, part of the company's QorIQprocessor lines, include 64-bit and quad-core products. Markets for the newplatforms include high-end control and data plane applications in aerospace anddefense, robotics, routers, switches, networking, enterprise storage and datacenters.

Freescaleengineers said that implementation of the new communications processors wouldbe made simpler for engineers by the rollout of software from such companies asGreen Hills Software, Enea, MentorGraphics, Wind River, CodeSourcery, Curtiss-Wright Controls, EmersonNetwork Power, GE Intelligent Platforms,Mercury Computer Systems and QNX. The availability of development tools formulti-core and 64-bit products, along with operating systems and virtualizationtools, is critical to enabling engineers to bring products to market faster,Freescale said.

"Somecustomers find it difficult to move to 64-bit because it's an investment forthem," said Katie Butler, a product marketing engineer in Freescale'sNetworking Systems Div. "Having an ecosystem of third-party software simplifiesit."

Freescale'snew processors, introduced at the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) held inOrlando this week, will include the single-core 64-bit P5010, the dual-core64-bit P5020 and the quad-core P3041. The QorIQ 64-bit platform features thecompany's e5500 core, which is said to deliver twice the performance ofFreescale's earlier e500 core, reaching frequencies up to 2.5 GHz.

Softwarevendors at FTF this week said they would supply development tools and operatingsystems for the P5010, P5020 and P3041 platforms.

"We'reproviding the foundation elements that allow them to develop and execute thecode," said Dan Mender, vice president of business development for Green HillsSoftware Inc., which offers tools for code cogeneration, execution and debugfor the QorIQ family. "This delivers a part of what's required to take peopleto 64 bits, or from single-core to multi-core."

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