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Design News Fetes Engineering's Stars

Design News Fetes Engineering's Stars

At a special luncheon tomorrow at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Design News will introduce the winners of its Engineering Achievement Awards.

This year marks the 21st year the magazine has honored specific engineers for their achievements. Among the awards: Engineer of the Year, Special Achievement, Women in Engineering, Engineering Quality, Global Innovation, and College Design.

The Timken Corp. joins Design News in honoring the person voted by the magazine's readers as Engineer of the Year. Last fall, the magazine's editors nominated five engineering super stars and asked readers to select one to receive Engineer-of-the-Year honors. Timken will fund a $25,000 grant to the engineering school the winner chooses.

Autodesk will fund a grant to the engineering school chosen by the winner of the magazine's Women In Engineering Award.

Phillips Plastics will honor the winner of the Design News Special Achievement Award with a $20,000 grant to the winner's choice of engineering schools.

ITT Industries, Cannon will donate $20,000 to the engineering school selected by the winner of the magazine's Engineering Quality Award.

Omron Electronics will provide a cash award to the winner of the Global Innovation Award, and fund a grant to the school of the winner's choice.

ANSYS will do the same-a cash award to the winner and a grant to the school-to honor the recipient of the College Design Engineering Award.

At 11am Wednesday, Design News will introduce all the winners at a special "Meet and Greet" event at the Design News booth.

Thanks to the vendors who support the Engineering Awards Program, Design News has overseen the granting of more than a million dollars to engineering schools in the U.S.

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