Let’s poke some fun at the mathematical constant we set a day to honor.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

March 12, 2024

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Pi Day is gaining recognition as an important celebration.
Celebrations of Pi Day have taken on more formats as more recognize the importance of the mathematical constant. wongmbatuloyo/iStock / Getty Images Plus

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  • While Pi Day has a serious side, jokes and puns can also celebrate the significance of Pi.

March 14 is Pi Day, when the world celebrates π, the mathematical constant of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is 3.14. While some pundits question the importance of Pi concerning certain branches of mathematics, most of us choose to honor the day as important for scientific calculations.

Pi Day has taken on more commercial significance in recent years as pizza and pie sellers promote the day for sales for their luscious goods. But there is another side to Pi Day, a humorous side in a growing number of Pi Day jokes and puns. Design News wants to honor this day light-heartedly with this list of clever Pi Day teasers from the site Humorama.


What’s a mathematician’s favorite fruit?
A pi-neapple.

What do you get when you eat 3.14 slices of cake?
Diabetes. You get Diabetes.

Do you know that Chuck Norris can recite the entirety of pi?

Why is a priest’s favorite number 3.14?
Because they are very pi-ous.

What is a mathematician’s favorite part of a big Thanksgiving feast?
Pumpkin pi.

Why should you never talk to pi?
Because it will go on forever.

What language should you speak on Pi day?
Sine language!

Do you know the guy who knows every single digit of pi?
He just doesn’t have them in the right order.

Do you know that Albert Einstein‘s birthday was on Pi Day i.e., March 14, 1879?
Perhaps he served pie for his birthday instead of cake.

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Do you know that Netflix has devised the perfect way to stop the distribution of pirated movies?
They now block all movies with an IMDB rating of 3.14. Pi-rated.

What is the volume of a pizza with thickness a and radius z?
pi * z * z * a.

What do you get if you eat 3.14 cakes?
Fat. You get fat.

How do you cremate someone who died on Pi Day?

You burn them on their funeral πres.

Why was the math book sad on Pi Day?
Because it had too many problems.

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