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Digi-Key Continuing Education Center, hosted on Design News, will get you up to working speed quickly in a host of technologies you've been meaning to study, but haven't had the time, via a series of 45-minute online lessons – all without leaving the comfort of your lab or office. Our faculty of expert tutors has divided the interdisciplinary world of design engineering into five dimensions: microcontrollers (basic and advanced), sensors, wireless, power, and lighting.

All of these topics will be tackled in a dedicated week of interactive tutorials where you can ask questions of the tutor, discuss knotty issues with your fellow students, and download a wealth of additional learning materials. (Don't worry if you can't attend a particular course live – seminars are also archived, and our online educational discussions take place 24 hours a day.)

Upcoming Classes

CEC Semester Fourteen 2018

Jump Starting Code Development to Minimize Defects

Dec 14, 20182:00pm EST
In this summary session, we will review what we have learned in the course and push forward developing the next steps for attendees. We will also provide a short overview of additional techniques for attendees to research and learn on their own once the course has completed.
Dec 13, 20182:00pm EST
Application tracing is one of the most fundamental and important techniques that every developer should be using. In this session, we will examine the benefits to using tracing and how developers can use it to monitor RTOS tasks, state machines, the stack and much more.
Dec 12, 20182:00pm EST
In this session, attendees will learn what they can do when they start their software implementation to not just prevent bugs but detect them as soon as they occur. We will examine all the tools and techniques that developers should put in place before they write code such as analysis tools,...
Dec 11, 20182:00pm EST
The best way to remove defects is to not have them in the first place. In this session, we will explore the different design processes that developers can use before implementation in order to minimize the opportunities for defects to enter the design. We will explore requirements and design and...
Dec 10, 20182:00pm EST
It’s important to understand what errors, defects and bugs are and the deficiency most development teams have in accepting bugs. In this session, we will explore not just the definition but how bugs are handled and should be handled. We will analyze the processes and techniques developers are...

Securing IoT Devices Using arm TrustZone

Nov 30, 20182:00pm EST
RTOSs can still play an important role in TrustZone applications. So how does a developer use an RTOS when there is a secure and unsecure world executing on the processor? In this session, we will explore several different options developers leverage to use an RTOS in a TrustZone application...
Nov 29, 20182:00pm EST
Security starts with developing a Chain of Trust. In this session, we will walk developers through how a TrustZone application starts and the steps necessary to develop a Chain of Trust. Attendees will also learn how the secure zone affects debugging and the steps developers must take to debug...
Nov 28, 20182:00pm EST
In this session, attendees will dive in and learn how to create their first application using TrustZone. Developers will be able to follow along using Keil MDK to simulate their application or they can use available TrustZone hardware. Attendees will learn how to configure the secure and unsecure...
Nov 27, 20182:00pm EST
Once a developer understands the methods and strategies used to a secure a system, they can more appropriately decide how to use the technology available to them. In this session, we will dig deeper into the armv8-M architecture and the TrustZone security extension and how it fits into the...
Nov 26, 20182:00pm EST
Security is often misunderstood by embedded systems engineers working with microcontrollers. In this session, we will explore embedded system security concepts that every IoT developer needs to know. We will start with what security is and the potential avenues hackers can use to attack our...

Designing a Robust IIoT to SCADA Gateway

Oct 26, 20182:00pm EDT
Now that we have our communication I/O designed, we will build and test a representative solution for our Industrial Internet of Things design in our final class. We also will look at how we can implement the safety and security features that will be needed for a robust IIoT solution.
Oct 25, 20182:00pm EDT
In our penultimate class, we will build on the GOAL stacks and build interfaces for some sample industrial Ethernet protocols and monitor them with a basic Linux-based application.
Oct 24, 20182:00pm EDT
Meeting the challenge of designing an industrial controller or IIoT gateway is a daunting process when we are faced with multiple industrial Ethernet protocols. In our third class, we will look at the Generic Open Abstraction Layer (GOAL) from PORT GmbH. Provided by Renesas as middleware for their...
Oct 23, 20182:00pm EDT
In our second class, we will investigate an innovative example circuit for interfacing with the myriad industrial Ethernet standards: the Renesas RZ/N1D chip and its development board set. The RZ/N1D is a multiprocessor system-on-a-chip that provides dual ARM Cortex-A7 cores for application...
Oct 22, 20182:00pm EDT
Today, factories and production facilities are becoming more advanced in order to improve productivity and safety. These advances are based on converting to open or Ethernet network communication. Several technical requirements demanded of the equipment used at factories include support for open...

Security for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Sep 21, 20182:00pm EDT
Standards can be used to help mitigate safety and security concerns. Many are developed precisely for this purpose. In this talk, we look at the types of standards involved and discuss their impact on the IIoT in terms of the protocol stack, system architecture, and implementations. Finally, we...
Sep 20, 20182:00pm EDT
At the heart of any enterprise today is data. IIoT systems produce very valuable data. As is well known, attacks on infrastructure are on the increase and pose a number of problems. In this class, we will look at the problems associated with theft of that data as well as attacks that might disrupt...
Sep 19, 20182:00pm EDT
In this lecture, we will consider security in the industrial setting. Because these are basically control systems, we will approach security from the point of view of those systems. This can include physical security as well as communications and other electronic devices.
Sep 18, 20182:00pm EDT
Security goes with safety in the IIoT. If the systems are not secure, then safety cannot be ensured. Security is not a sufficient condition for safety, but a necessary one. In this lecture, we will look at a number of safety considerations and their impact in security concerns.
Sep 17, 20182:00pm EDT
In this class, we will detail the environment under consideration. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT) with very specific requirements. In this environment, safety is a big concern. In addition, there are generally a number of communications types...

ARM Your Sensors

Aug 31, 20182:00pm EDT
What do you get when you ARM a postage stamp-sized sensor platform with a microphone, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, a barometer, and a Bluetooth radio? (Hint: Today’s lecture title)
Aug 30, 20182:00pm EDT
This lecture revolves around mating a sensor platform with differing communications methods. Because one method is not offered in prototype form, we will build our own.
Aug 29, 20182:00pm EDT
Remember the casino fishtank sensor hack? This lecture will show you how to keep your IoT sensor device from “tanking” by ARMING it with a Microchip SAM L11.
Aug 28, 20182:00pm EDT
Today’s lecture is heavily geared toward coding sensor firmware. We will utilize the resources of MikroElektronika’s largest ARM development board and mikroC PRO for ARM to create firmware for the newest sensor-laden click boards.
Aug 27, 20182:00pm EDT
An IoT node that cannot communicate the information it collects is useless. The first thing we will do in today’s lecture is ARM a WINC-1500 with a Microchip SAM D21 and teach it to “shoot.”

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Basics - Hands-On Introduction to Data Science and Advanced Physical Computing

Jul 20, 20182:00pm EDT
In this final session of the 5-day webinar course, the Google AIY Vision kit will be evaluated using a hands-on experiment with Machine Learning.
Jul 19, 20182:00pm EDT
In this session, which is a continuation of Day 3, the Google AIY Voice kit will be evaluated using a hands-on exploration of Machine Learning.
Jul 18, 20182:00pm EDT
This session will discuss the basics of Machine Learning. Applications of Machine Learning will be provided. The hands-on lab project exercise consists of executing and evaluating a hand-writing recognition training model.
Jul 17, 20182:00pm EDT
The Day 2 class is a continuation of the Predictive Analytics introduction session. Predictive Analytics modeling using linear regression will be investigated. The hands-on project will consist of wiring an online-based Arduino Light Sensor circuit simulator using TinkerCad circuits. The electrical...
Jul 16, 20182:00pm EDT
This introductory session discusses Predictive Analytics basics and applications. The Google online data analysis Colaboratory environment will be explored. The hands-on project will consist of performing data collection with the Raspberry Pi.