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This Mac Pro Computer Looks Like It Can Grate Cheese

Apple’s latest Mac Pro computer has an aluminum enclosure that looks a cheese grater. Asides from that, the massive box does nothing for the computer’s upgradeability.

Spencer Chin

June 29, 2023

Although desktop computers have by and large taken a back seat to laptops, some users still want the desktop models for their greater functionality and expandability. But according to iFixit’s latest teardown video, Apple’s Mac Pro computer doesn’t quite fit the bill.

According to the reviewer, the computer has plenty of room for expansion. But does not take advantage of the space. The Mac Pro computer has an integrated graphics chip instead of a graphics board, and one cannot add swap out or additional memory. On the plus side, the unit disassembles relatively easily despite the bulkiness of some parts. This contrasts to many portable Apple products which require removing many screws to access parts.


What the video does note is that the computer has a large aluminum enclosure with massive grated holes to dissipate heat. The reviewer even used the enclosure to attempt grating four types of gourmet cheese, with Parmesan yielding the best results after some effort.

You can view the cheesy video here.


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