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November 19, 2001

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Distance sensor

The L-GAGE(R) LT3 Time-of-Flight Sensor is a self-contained, Class 2 laser distance-gauging device that reportedly measures accurately the distance to a retroreflective object at ranges up to 50m. The LT3 pulses one million times per second, and its microprocessor averages 1,000 pulses every 0.001 second to provide precise measurement data. It provides sensing ranges of 0.3 to 3m for gray targets and 0.3 to 5m for white targets.

Banner Engineering Corp., www.bannerengineering.com.

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Temperature monitors

Liquid crystal temperature monitors are self-adhesive temperature indicating labels that change color with an accuracy of plus or minus 2F. The labels come in designs ranging from -220 to 248F. Upon cooling, the monitors return to their original state. As a rated temperature is reached the indicator changes color from black to a green bar at actual temperature reading, a brown bar at just above the actual temperature, and a blue bar at just below the actual temperature.

Tempil Inc., www.tempil.com.

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Power supplies

The MCS Series of primary switch-mode power supplies is equipped with power factor correction allowing the line to meet the EN 61000-3-2 standard. The units are engineered in single-phase 1.25, 3, 5, 10, and 20A models and three-phase 10, 20, and 40A configurations. Units rated at up to 10A are DIN-rail mountable. These units are UL 508 and cUL listed as well as CE certified for Immunity, Emissions, and Low Voltage directives.

Murrelektronik Inc., www.murrinc.com.

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Three-phase filter

A three-phase filter specifically functions with the power regeneration capabilities of the latest ac motor drives and frequency inverters. The FN 3100 filter meets the needs of products capable of returning regenerated power to the ac supply via impedance-matching line reactor units. Capable of handling power in both directions, the filter combines noise suppression with the ability to smooth the returned power waveform, making it suitable for distribution to other drives or back to the generation utility.

Schaffner EMC Inc., www.schaffner.com.

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Cylindrical connectors

A commercial series of 38999-type connectors features a positive shell-to-shell coupling design, grounding fingers, and electroless nickel plating to provide EMI shielding capabilities. Acme threads en-sure coupling durability and thread blunting eliminate cross coupling. The connector quickly mates and self locks with only a 360 degrees turn of the coupling nut.

Amphenol Corp., www.amphenol-industrial.com.

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LSR inclinometers utilize a compact, cylinder shape and a stacking feature to facilitate the use of several inclinometers when multi-axis measurement is required. The LSR has a full range input of plus or minus 3 to plus or minus 90 degrees , and Full Range Output (FRO) of plus or minus 5.0V dc plus or minus 1%. Operating temperatures range from -18 to 71C, and the survival temperature range is -60 to 90C. Units are shock rated for 1,500g, 0.5 msec, 1/2 sine, and seals meet MIL-STD 202, Method 112.

Jewell Instruments, LLC, www.jewellinstruments.com.

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Temperature sensor

The GPS(R) sensor with laser sighting provides accurate alignment and precise temperature measurement of targets that are small, distant, or hard-to-reach. It is capable of measuring targets as small as 4.5 mm at 200 mm. With a standard optical D:S ratio of 50:1 and through-the-lens laser sighting, the GPS sensor is capable of measuring target temperatures ranging from -18 to 540C. The integrated co-axial Class 2 device connects to the remote activation switch box via an included 4m cable.

Raytek Corp., www.raytek.com.

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