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Dust Blemishes Samsung’s New Foldable SmartphoneDust Blemishes Samsung’s New Foldable Smartphone

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold5 foldable smartphone is fairly serviceable, but dust resistance could be better.

Spencer Chin

September 25, 2023

Samsung is by far the industry’s leader in offering foldable smartphones, having offered the Galaxy Z Fold3 and 4 smartphones the past few years. Recently, Google unveiled its Pixel Fold to compete with Samsung. Having unveiled a unique flip smartphone called the Galaxy Z Flip5 over a month ago, Samsung has now unveiled the latest Z Fold series smartphone in its Galaxy Z Fold5.

The electronics teardown site iFixit recently conducted a teardown of Samsung’s new smartphone. The reviewer was able to easily open the smartphone and access the batteries, which is a plus as that part is likely to require servicing. Several tabs do have to be removed.


Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold5.

The reviewer noted that unlike Google’s Pixel Fold, Samsung’s Z Fold5 uses gearless hinges. But one problem was dust getting into the smartphone, particularly through the hinge mechanism. The other issue was a somewhat fragile smartphone display which required some care to remove.

For more the complete teardown, view the video below.

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