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April 8, 2002

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Computer Productivity Tools

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Typography software

Type3Works, designed for integration with SolidWorks, reportedly allows users to scan and vectorize graphics by linking a scanner and PC. Text Mode function is used for writing free text or text along a curve. The vectorization tool allows users to vector images in black and white or color bitmap format by scanning or downloading files. Applications include mold and sign making, as well as industrial and jewelry design. Vision Numeric USA Inc., www.type3.com. Enter 609

Automotive design

The RT-LAB Engineering Simulator offers engineers a means of producing and running real-time simulations of automotive systems. According to the company, it allows for design distribution over multiple processors, accompanied by cycle times below 25 ms. Fixed-step solvers are designed to offer variable-step accuracy and real-time performance. Software is scalable and reconfigurable. Opal-RT Technologies Inc.,www.opal-rt.com. Enter 610

Virtual design software

Vis Concept 3.0 software reportedly creates a full-size virtual prototype from conceptual designs, which may be viewed in 3D using particular 3D glasses. The CAD-neutral software is designed to offer multi-pass textures for several map and texture applications on an object; bump-mapping texture-blending to create rough surfaces; 3D text primitives to provide 3D text anywhere in a 3D setting; behavior-controlled sounds; and video display. EDS, www.eds.com. Enter 611

Prototyping software

ANSYS 6.0 design simulation and virtual prototyping software is intended to set up a virtual environment for testing structural, thermal, fluid-flow, and electromagnetic designs. Software features a Probabilistic Analysis Method Wizard to ease the determining process; a Shell Section Builder used for a smoother definition of layered composite elements; and a Variable Viewer that uses one interface to combine time and history variables. ANSYS Inc., www.ansys.com. Enter 612

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