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January 21, 2002

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Computer Productivity Tools

Diagnostic software

ActiveX-compatible Interbus diagnostic software Diag+ directly integrates a field bus diagnostic tool into other applications, such as process visualizations. There is reportedly no need for through functions in the control program for passing on diagnostic data to the higher-level visualization. Error information and available status information can be accessed directly by the relevant ActiveX container.

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co., Enter 620


Flotherm V3.2 thermal analysis software features a "Design of Experiments" capability that selects the optimum values for a number of different design variables defined by the user. This avoids the need to simulate all possible design combinations, reducing the number of simulations conducted. The ability to model two or more cooling fluids, and "drag-and-drop" graphical user interface enhancements, are also included.

Flomerics Inc., Enter 621

Storage solution

The Vivant(TM) D100 multi-terabyte direct-attached storage solution is said to easily attach to improve performance for high-use servers running data-intensive applications. The D100 connects to a single host via dual high-speed Fibre Channel connections, creating redundant data paths between the host and local storage; or it connects to two independent hosts via 100 Mbyte/sec Fibre Channel connections. The D100 is de-signed to support the data storage requirements of large enterprises, departmental systems service databases, OLTP, web serving, and high-performance workloads.

MTI Technology Corp., Enter 622

Operator control stations

OCS110 and OCS210 operator control stations feature enhanced memory, which reportedly allows the stations to support up to 128 kbytes of ladder logic and 32 kbytes of register storage. The OCS110 and 210 are said to allow users to incorporate application features such as more extensive recipe and alarm management, and expanded data logging. The OCSs are suited for applications with complex control requirements and expansive data storage needs.

Horner APG, Enter 623

CPU module

The CPU-1231 integrates EIDE interfaces, SVGA with resolutions up to 1,024 x 768, two serial ports (UART 16550), 2 USB ports, and a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet controller into a single CPU board. A PC/104 CPU module based on a Pentium 233MMX-like processor, the device can be equipped with up to 128 Mbytes DRAM for highly graphical applications. The board can reportedly be used as an SBC in embedded applications.

Eurotech S.p.A., Enter 624

Simulation software

PAM-SAFE 2001 is designed to help predict real-world conditions and to simulate the effects of restraint systems such as airbags and seatbelts. A geometry-based airbag folder allows folding of the geometry before meshing, which is said to result in a faster and more accurate airbag set-up and numerical simulation. The software's pre-processor allows a visualization of the fiber directions of the airbag, and a mesh-free airbag deployment simulation reportedly provides an accurate prediction of dummy behavior while it interacts with the airbag.

ESI Group, Enter 625

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