CES 2015: The Inmotion V3 Electric Unicycle Rides the Wacky Wave

It’s 2015, and we may not yet have hoverboards like in Back to The Future, but, thanks to a company by the name of INMOTION, we do have bizarre, electric unicycles.

Sylvie Barak

January 7, 2015

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CES 2015: The Inmotion V3 Electric Unicycle Rides the Wacky Wave

Showcased at CES 2015’s Pepcom Digital Experience event, the INMOTION V3 looks like an electric vacuum cleaning robot, but instead of sweeping the floor, it literally sweeps you off your feet. If you can balance, that is.

The company says its V3 “has an innovative design that provides an easy ride and a smooth driving experience” and allows users to have more interactivity with their “vehicle.”

Allowing riders to steer by shifting their weight back and forth and side to side to turn, the V3 also comes with a smartphone app.

INMOTION says the dual-wheel design makes the V3 stable and gives the rider more control, while the power assistance helps the rider mount and dismount more easily.

Coming in a range of colors, the R2 also packs a pull up handle -- hidden in the body -- which makes it look like a cross between a Roomba and a small carry-on suitcase and allows riders to walk with the V3 guiding its direction under power assistance from the electric motor.

It also boasts a waterproof touch panel, leather side cushions, and non-slip rubber footboards, as well as built-in bluetooth speakers for music streaming.

It takes some getting used to. I watched half a dozen people try it out, falteringly, before giving it a go myself, and it certainly requires balancing skills and a good sense of weight distribution.

Still, fun little gadget. Now, if only it would vacuum my floor at the same time …

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