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Software offers one-step assembly meshing for generating high-quality, unstructured FEA meshes more quickly. One-step assembly meshing enables engineers to obtain a finite element mesh for complex CAD assemblies on the first pass, removing the need for transitional mesh refinement. This process can save time when producing various analysis types including Mechanical Event Simulation and structural, linear-dynamic, thermal, electrostatic, fluid-flow, and multiphysics analyses. One-step, high-quality tetrahedrals in 4- or 10-node meshing styles are also possible.


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Drafting package

Graphite is a drafting-only product that features Vellum Drafting Assistant, enabling intelligent snaps and automatic alignments in X, Y, and Z axes. In addition, the system also associates points, midpoints, tangencies, intersections, and other coordinates for smart rendering and modeling. Graphite also offers a smart cursor, right-click access to user preferences, and instant stroke command access. A navigator palette lets users click through multiple sheets or layers, with pop-up capability for layers and active documents as well as full support for multiple sheet printing.

Ashlar-Vellum Inc.,

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Electromagnetics software

PEmag 4.0, magnetic component design software for power electronics, now provides the tools to assist in analysis of power supply transformers and inductors. Many new transformer solutions must operate at higher frequencies, introducing significant magnetic design issues. PEmag permits geometry creation using a database of commercial cores, wires, materials, and geometries and can help the designer build and simulate the transformer. Using the finite element solver, the software can predict magnetizing and leakage inductance, interwinding capacitance, resistance, and other essential parameters for higher frequency devices.

Ansoft Corp.,

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