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Computer Productivity Tools

Computer Productivity Tools

Universal monitor

NEC MultiSync(R)FP1350X is a 22-inch, flat panel, cathode ray tube desktop monitor that is designed to accept universal inputs. It uses Ambix(TM)technology to accept either digital or analog input through a DVI-I connection, and accepts a second analog input through its standard 15-pin VGA connector. It has a 20-inch viewable area, with maximum resolution of 1,920x1,440 at 76Hz.

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America Inc., 1250 N. Arlington Heights Road, Suite 500, Itasca, IL 60143-1248; .

Pen-based computer

PTC-2194 is a full-sized, pen-based, tablet PC with a 300MHz Pentium II processor, Windows 98, 10.4-inch color transreflexive display, and multiple docking options. It is designed for applications in public safety, utilities, field service, and transportation. It also has an optional detachable keyboard.

Telxon Corp., 3330 West Market Street, Akron, OH 44334-0582; FAX (330) 664-5030; .

Rotational accelerometer

The L6670 capacitive rotational accelerometer is designed to measure disk drive vibration. Housed in an SO-24 package, it uses a MEMS structure to sense a vibrating drive, then measures the resulting capacitance changes, as small as 0.05 femtoFarad. This enables drive designers to achieve greater disk capacity by minimizing head tracking errors, and fitting more tracks per inch onto the drive.

STMicroelectronics Inc., 10 Maguire Road Bldg. 1, 3rd Floor, Lexington, MA 02421; FAX (781) 861-2678; .

Industrial computers

The ELIN series of embedded industrial computers is designed for severe applications, so they use flash drives in lieu of hard drives for resistance to shock and vibration. All models are NEMA 4/12 and CE compliant, and are tested at 55C for three days before shipping. They feature a 233MHz Intel Pentium MMX processor, up to 512MB flash drive, and up to 128MB RAM. Monitor sizes range from 6.5- to 15.1-inch TFT.

Exor International, 3420 Fairlane Farms Rd., Wellington, FL 33414; FAX (561) 753-2291; .

Office emulator

The Veritas 4000 is a central office emulator, used for developing, testing, and manufacturing DSL chipsets and ADSL products to enable broadband communication over existing telephone networks. Its four ports permit users to test four customer premise modems simultaneously. The emulator is based on the programmable, multi-mode CopperHead(TM)ADSL chipset.

Aware Inc., 40 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA 01730-1432; FAX (781) 276-4001; .

Daylight-readable monitors

The 1600 High Brite monitor line is designed for daylight-readable computing. These LCD monitors achieve luminance of 1,600 cd/m2, and are available in 12.1, 15.1, or 18.1-inch sizes. An optional Automatic Brightness Adapter uses an external photo sensor to adjust monitor brightness according to ambient light. The monitors use field-replaceable backlight bulbs, and offer input sources including VGA, AV, and S-Video.

Texas Industrial Peripherals, Box 49182, Austin, TX 78765; FAX (512) 837-0207; .

Matchbox-sized CAN bus

The T-CAN is a fully programmable CAD bus computer about the size of a matchbox, designed to provide local intelligence for controller functions, log in, calibration, and other system network applications. With its flash memory, it supports data transfer rates of up to 1 mbps, standard and extended frames, and automatic bit rate identification.

Wilke Technology GmbH; Postfach 1727, Aachen, Germany D-52018; FAX (781) 276-4001; .

Panel mount computers

The AS-108 eight-slot panel mount industrial computer is designed for applications in machine automation. Its steel construction with aluminum front panel offers protection from shock, dust, humidity, vibration, and high operating temperatures. It features a Pentium 233MHz processor with 6.4GB hard drive, and 32 to 128MB RAM. Product comes with Windows 98 or NT 4.0 installed.

Automation Solutions, 3925 Cypress Dr., Petaluma, CA 94954; FAX (707) 981-9655; .


The G8 Basic CompactPCI System is designed as a low-cost, flexible, and reliable enclosure. It offers seven expansion slots with support for hot swap, three 51/4-inch drives, one 31/2-inch drive, and up to a 400W power supply in a 6U enclosure. The dimensions are 10.5x17x11.5 inches.

I-Bus/Phoenix, 9174 Sky Park Court, San Diego, CA 92123; FAX (858) 268-7863; .

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