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In Brief- Fluid Power

Article-In Brief- Fluid Power

In Brief- Fluid Power

The 22/23 high-performance PTFE butterfly valves from Bray Valve & Controls are available in 14- through 24-inch diameter sizes in both wafer and lug bodies. These large-diameter valves offer the same chemical resistance of PTFE seats and encapsulated discs as the previously available 2- through 12-inch sizes, the company says. The bi-directional pressure rating for the large sizes is 150 psi, and the temperature range is -40 to 392F.

Dyn-X Series pressure transducers from Dynisco Instruments are available in a 6-inch rigid stem configuration and a 6-inch rigid/18-inch flexible stem configuration. The transducers offer full-scale output for selected ranges of 3 mV/V and accuracy of plus or minus 1%, providing the user with a non-amplified transducer. Applications include those requiring repeatability and reliability at high process temperatures.

Series 2600 pressure transducers from Gems Sensors Inc. are for submersible applications including well- or reservoir-level monitoring or pump-house environments. An enhanced accuracy option provides an optimum 0.15% static error band and 1% thermal error band over temperature range -4 to 176F.

The A4DO3 directional control valve from Denison Hydraulics features a flow rating up to 80 gm/min and a rated maximum pressure of 5,000 psi. The pilot-operated, two-stage unit has a low pressure drop at maximum flow, and is controlled by solenoids or hydraulic pressure. The electrically operated unit includes the main body and a solenoid-operated pilot valve.

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