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IN BRIEF: Computer Productivity Tools

Article-IN BRIEF: Computer Productivity Tools

IN BRIEF: Computer Productivity Tools

The DIO-16.PCI, an eight input/eight output digital I/O interface for the PCI, can be used for PC-based control and automation of equipment including sensors, switches, satellite antenna control systems, video and audio studio devices, security control systems, and other industrial automation machinery. The optically isolated inputs eliminate equipment damage caused by line spikes and surges. Reed relay outputs are well suited for low-current applications. The card ships with Sealevel Systems' Seal/O suite of Windows 95/98/NT drivers.

PAM-FLOW from ESI Corp. can solve complex fluid flow problems such as turbulent flows around or inside vehicles, and rotating flows in turbomachinery. Engineers from the automotive, railway, aerospace, turbomachinery, and medical equipment industries use the software to optimize systems, predict the effects of explosions, determine drag coefficient, and simulate unsteady behaviors or blood flows. A distributed memory parallel version of the software is now available for most UNIX-based design environments, offering fast turnaround times on 8- to 16- node workstation networks. The program offers such features as a CAD interface with all major packages, a six degree-of-freedom integrator for moving bodies under fluid loads, and solution-adaptive mesh refinement/coarsening during simulation.

To help with the business-to-business commerce movement, InformativeGraphics Corp. released Brava! 2.1, a 100% JavaTM-based drawing and document collaboration application. The software allows users, collaborators, and contractors to share information and exchange ideas over the Internet or an intranet without requiring the same hardware platform, native software application, or browser. The Java Bean interface enables embedding into an array of web-based collaboration solutions and project web sites.

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