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IN BRIEF: Computer Productivity Tools

IN BRIEF: Computer Productivity Tools

The M12 OncoreTM GPS receiver is ready for software and systems integration. Applications include in-vehicle telematics systems and precision timing for telecommunication infrastructure. Motorolaclaims the M12 Oncore GPS receiver offers one of the fastest times-to-first-fix in the industry. The receiver features sub-second signal reacquisition, enhanced urban canyon and foliage performance, and requires only 2.75 to 3.2 supply voltage.

Imaging Technologyclaims MVToolsTM CE is the first and only set of C/C++-based machine vision software tools based on Microsoft(R) Windows(R) targeting hard "real time" applications, MVTools offers a comprehensive library of vision development tools. The software is targeted for automated manufacturing applications that require such capabilities as tightly integrated vision and motion control.

Federal Products Co. claims that Gage Block Management Software with reports increases operator efficiency and accuracy when calibrating gauge blocks, either individually or in complete sets. The reports module permits customization of output formats using Microsoft AccessTM. Federal Gage Block Management Software is bundled with computer-equipped versions of the company's Series 130B gage block comparators to measure gage blocks up to 24 inches.

Keyboard gives young children opportunities to learn proper computer keyboarding and touch-typing techniques, says Productivity Inc. The keyboard is a full-function, adult-quality keyboard with all the features of an adult-sized keyboard, with smaller key sizes and spacing that allows kids to reach all of the keys. LittlefingersTM works on both PC and Macintosh systems, and has a "dual-mode" that allows users to connect a second keyboard and mouse.

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